Best UK fitness Blog

We want your opinions on this one – what is your favourite health and fitness blog in the UK? It doesn’t matter the reason, we simply want to get a feel for what type of content you find most valuable.

For those sporty people out there, perhaps you enjoy really active blogs. Maybe its an inspirational fitness blog, or just a weight loss blog. Nutritional advice is very important and there is lots of contradictory things out there. You want to make sure you are following the best people. Who are the fitness influencers and authorities out there!

UK Fittest Blogs

Welcome back to Big Muddy Run. We hope you will find all the info on this blog very useful. Fitness Blogs are very common but which ones are really worth your time? Health advice is serious business and it can be dangerous taking advance from someone who is not a professional. We suggest you visit sites like NHS for insights and use fitness blogs as a way to see the personal experiences of people on their journey to fitness rather than professional advice.